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Sea Soil

Sea Soil Potting Mix 32L (1.8-1.2-0.2)

Sea Soil Potting Mix 32L (1.8-1.2-0.2)

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This potting mix is an amazing all-in-one organically fertilized growing medium that contains all the nutrients necessary to grow award-winning flower arrangements and vegetables. SEA SOIL contains all necessary micro and macronutrients to grow a healthy garden, is weed-free, and is an excellent way to retain moisture. SEA SOIL is listed by the Organic Materials Review Insitute (OMRI). Their mix is a precise blend of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and SEA SOIL.

SEA SOIL is excellent for retaining moisture. Water when soil is dry throughout your container and always have a water collection device if overwatering occurs. Excessive watering may result in murky colored water which is characteristic of SEA SOIL's natural benefits of not being chemically fertilized. Recycle the excess water back into your plants.

Why Sea Soil (1.8-1.2-0.2)?

  • Organically fertilized with fish
  • A natural balance of micro/macronutrients and trace elements
  • Retains moisture
  • Promotes strong root development and beautiful long-lasting blooms

Directions For Use

  • POTTING: Potting Mix with SEAL SOIL can be used directly from the bag of mixed with your existing soil. Simply fill your containers and pots, or blend into your soil, then plant.
  • SEED STARTING: Sow vegetable or flower seeds directly into Potting Mix with SEA SOIL and follow seed directions.
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