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Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzyme Formula

Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzyme Formula

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Hygrozyme is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes that help plants grow better.

Why Hygrozyme?

  • Cleaner root zones!
  • Compatible with all nutrients and supplements!
  • Accelerates the breakdown of dead roots!
  • Supports beneficial microorganisms!
  • Effective in all stages of growth!
  • Compatible with all growing media!

SIPCO Hygrozyme Concentrate 20L

Designed with larger growers in mind, Hygrozyme® Concentrate is 5X more concentrated than our original and sought-after Hygrozyme® formula: A powerful blend of beneficial enzymes specifically formulated to prevent root rot by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter—a process that unlocks essential nutrients for your plants.

All ingredients in Hygrozyme® Concentrate are natural and formulated to work within the optimal temperature and pH range of your crop.

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