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Smart Pot

Smart Pot Big Bag Beds

Smart Pot Big Bag Beds

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The Round Raised Bed Takes Gardening To The Next Level

SmartPot Big Bag Beds are the affordable, easy way to have a raised bed garden!

Just unfold it on a level area, fill it with good growing soil, and start planting!

Why SmartPot Big Bag Beds?

  • Tough, porous material!
  • Lasts for years!
  • Excellent drainage!
  • Allows oxygen to freely reach the roots!
  • Air prunes roots!
  • Allows heat to escape in warm climates!
  • Reduces thermal stress on plants!
  • Warms quickly in  + stays cool in the summer!
  • Attractive circular shape!
  • Discourages moles and gophers from entering!
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