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Soil Moist

Soil Moist Granules

Soil Moist Granules

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Plants can dry out without frequent watering. Soil Moist is a potassium-based copolymer that absorbs and stores over 200 times its weight in water, slowly releasing water when soil begins to dry, and reducing the need to water!

Why Soil Moist?

  • Soil Moist- granules are the eco-safe, water storing polymers that you simply place in soil then water!
  • Improves soil aeration!
  • Designed to reduce plant watering by 50%!
  • Last 3 to 5 year in the soil!
  • Break down naturally!
  • Very convenient and easy to use!
  • Ideal for indoor plants, gardens, and outdoor use!

Because the crystals expand and contract as they absorb and release water, soil aeration is improved!

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