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Spray2Seed Colloidal Silver Spray (8 Oz)

Spray2Seed Colloidal Silver Spray (8 Oz)

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Spray2Seed Colloidal Silver Spray enables growers to create feminized seeds. Growers are able to keep the strains they love without having to keep mother plants or they can produce their own genetics. 

Directions For Use:

  1. Spray the plant or desired branch one week before flowering, once a day.
  2. Ensure to spray enough until dripping for best results. After a week of spraying, flip your plants into the flowering cycle
  3. Continue spraying desired branch or plant once a day until male organs are ripe.


  • Recommended to keep refrigerated & away from direct light for best results


  • Distilled water, silver and natural minerals

WARNING - Keep out of reach of children. Designed for plant use not for consumption

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