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SunBlaster T5HO Lighting Kit (6400K)

SunBlaster T5HO Lighting Kit (6400K)

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SunBlaster's T5HO Lighting Kits 6400K continue to be popular with indoor growers for simple and successful growing.

Why Sun Blaster T5HO Light Kits?

  • Great for a variety of applications
  • High Output- increased power & light output
  • Excellent for seedlings, cuttings, or getting your plants started
  • Simple & successful growing
  • Clones love it!

SunBlaster has three different lighting spectrum lamps available for thier SunBlaster T5HO Lighting Kits and Combos.

  • 6400K - propagation & growth
  • 2700K - flowering
  • 10,000K - custom applications 

The Light Kit is still available today and is great for a variety of growing applications. The Light Kits come standard with a 6400K grow lamp pre-installed. 

This lamp is great for propagation of seedlings, cutting or getting your plants started right from seed. The 6400K grow lamp will also grow to finish many leafy green products, baby greens and all kinds of herbs.

Clones love the SunBlaster 6400K light spectrum and have been used for years by Commercial & Home Growers alike for getting their plants off to their very best starts.

Your plants will thank you for choosing SunBlaster lights!

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