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Super Sprouter

Super Sprouter® AirMax Tray Insert

Super Sprouter® AirMax Tray Insert

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Super Sprouter® Air Max™ Tray Inserts help provide outstanding drainage and aeration to clones grown in Grodan Stonewool A-OK Starter Plugs™. These mesh tray inserts are designed to allow high levels of oxygen to enter the root zone in your clone trays.

Why SuperSprouter Air Max Tray Inserts?

  • Perfect drainage and aeration!
  • Allow for high levels of oxygen!
  • Maximizes root growth!
  • Minimize damping-off in young clones and seedlings!
  • Allows excess water to run off!
  • Helps avoid oversaturated roots!
  • Unrestricted access to cuttings!

More oxygen at the roots can help maximize root growth and help minimize damping-off in young clones and seedlings. By elevating plants above the propagation tray’s bottom surface, the AirMax™ allows excess water to run off and holds plants above standing water.

This helps to avoid oversaturated roots and promote proper drainage and airflow. Its low profile provides clear visibility to root development and unrestricted access to cuttings for proper care and monitoring, without disturbing delicate plants.

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