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SuperMoss Deco Bark (80.75 Cu In)

SuperMoss Deco Bark (80.75 Cu In)

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SuperMoss Decorative Bark is natural tree bark that is used in creative projects and floral arrangements!

Why Super Moss Decorative Bark?

  • Naturally Beautiful Product!
  • 100% natural and organic!
  • Sustainably harvested from fallen trees!
  • Great for centerpieces, fireplaces, & floral arrangements!
  • Looks beautiful as soil cover!
  • Adds tropical appeal!

It is sustainably harvested from fallen trees and collected from the forest floor!

It has a rich, natural brown and beige tiered composition and comes in thick, robust individual pieces!

Deco Bark adds natural, botanical elements to floral displays, outdoor ponds, and terrariums.

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