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SuperMoss Kokedama Kit (6")

SuperMoss Kokedama Kit (6")

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The SuperMoss Kokedama Kit allows you to build your own perfect Kokedama!

Why Super Moss Kokedama Kits?

  • Build your own perfect Kokedama!
  • Includes: 6″ Kokedama, Twine, Soil, & Mosses!
  • Long-Lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Fun to make & Easy to maintain!
  • Suspend from a string or place in a dish!

What is a Kokedama? Kokedama literally translates to "Moss Ball" in Japanese! It is a tradition in Japanese gardening that wraps a plant's root ball in moss for it to be hung or mounted on a pedestal!

Kokedamas look beautiful with orchids, bromeliads, succulents, Asian plants, herbs & vines! Their Kokedama Kit includes everything but the plant, so all you have to do is choose!

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