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SuperMoss Natural Orchid Bark (2 Oz)

SuperMoss Natural Orchid Bark (2 Oz)

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Super Moss Orchid Bark is natural Douglas-fir tree bark. Its pH makes it an ideal potting medium for orchids!
It allows for great oxygenation and drainage of water so that the orchid's roots have constant access to both water and oxygen. This mimics an orchid's natural environment and helps them grow to their full potential. Available in attractive retail packaging or in bulk quantities.

Why Super Moss Orchid Bark?

  • Organic and Sustainable Douglas Fir Bark!
  • 100% natural and organic!
  • Great oxygenation and water drainage!
  • Highly absorbent and ideal for orchids!
  • Great for use in floral & craft projects!
  • Not heat treated or baked!


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