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The Coco Seed Disco Premium Coco Pellets

The Coco Seed Disco Premium Coco Pellets

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HollandBasics Seed Disco is a premium refined coconut coir pellet designed to replace conventional peat pellets to improve plant roots' growth rate and protect our environment from harvesting peat moss form bogs, which emits CO2 into the atmosphere!


  • Prepare pellets in a tray and slowly fill with warm water
    • Wait for pellets to fully expand and drain excess water
  • Insert seed(s) and squeeze the expanded pellet to create an opening
    • If inserting a cutting, insert 75% of the way into the pellet before squeezing the top to close it
  • Place the prepared pellets into a propagation tray and humidity dome. Put a T5 or CFL light over the dome (or a bright area)
  • Once the seeds or cuttings are fully rooted, transplant them into a growing medium
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