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The Core

The Core 2.1 (E-Rig)

The Core 2.1 (E-Rig)

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The Core E-Rig is one of the most budget-friendly e-rig on the market featuring 4 temperature settings, 3 different coils, a glass bubbler, and 3000mah of battery power. A minor design flaw seen with the original glass bubbler would bring Shenzhen to create and introduce the Core Side Mouthpiece Glass Bubbler (Sold Separately).
*Shenzhen Crossing launched the newest version of this series the Core 2.1 which brings many new features to the table while upgrading some of the original Core's main features*

The Shenzhen Crossing Core 2.1 is the updated version of the Core 2.0 and The Core 1.0 now features a non-rebuildable 3D atomizer as opposed to the rebuildable Atomizer on the Core 2.0.

  • Non Rebuildable 3D Atomizer
  • Works With V5 Heaters
  • Durable Aluminum Carb Cap
  • Four Different Heat Settings

The difference in atomizers makes Core 2.1 a better quality option since the non-rebuildable atomizer negates the need to purchase tools to dismantle the atomizer itself. The Core 2.1 features one-button functionality and a fully heated ceramic vaping surface, not to mention the carefully tuned heat settings and aluminum/glass vapor pathway. Apart from those amazing features, the Core 2.1 comes with a 3150 mAh Li-Ion battery pack that takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge. Shenzhen also created the Side mouthpiece glass bubbler for easier sessions.

This is a replacement Titanium Bucket & Coil for the Core E-nail. It is identical to the original titanium bucket and coil you received with your Core and are perfect replacements.


  • The Core E-Nail

Package Contents

  • 1x Titanium Bucket
  • 1x Coil
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