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THICCLYs Grow Poles are a D shape moss pole (moss not included), closed back design that retains and slowly releases humidity that promotes aerial root growth, climbing habit of Monstera, Philodendron, Anthuriums and most Aroids!

Why THICCLY Grow Poles?

  • Promotes mature plant growth with it's unique design allowing Aroids to establish strong climbing roots, that will promote morphogenesis to produce “mature” leaf forms.
  • Promotes structured root growth with it's enclosed design that helps hold on to moisture and prevent runaway roots and ruining your carefully pruned plant.
  • Human and eco-friendly design that is made from recycle-able PET/PP Plastic 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Ease of extension
  • Ease of shortening 
  • Ease of watering 
  • All cutouts are recycled at the factory. Leaving no waste from trimming of plastic mesh or zip ties.


  • GrowPro 2.0 Small Pro: 11.81" Tall
  • GrowPro 2.0 Medium Pro: 15.75" Tall
  • GrowPro 2.0 Large Pro: 19.6" Tall 
  • GrowPro 3.0 Medium Pro: 15.75" Tall (T shape self centred moisture release system)
  • GrowPro 3.1 Large Pro: 19.6" Tall (T shape self centred moisture release system)

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