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Tronian Tronpod (0.5 mL) 510 Thread

Tronian Tronpod (0.5 mL) 510 Thread

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The Tronian Tronpod is one of the best ways to enjoy your oils. Designed for easy use with the Tautron vape pen, it is calibrated to effectively wick and vaporize a wide range of oils. The cotton wrapped ceramic atomizer offers superior wicking, meaning it more effectively pulls the oil towards the heating element.

The result is faster wicking time, especially after filling, and less chance of a dry hit. They are designed to work with any 510-threaded battery but are optimized to work best with Tronian batteries.

The Tronpod is available in 2 unique variations:

  1. 0.5 mL - Features a standard threaded ceramic mouthpiece and 0.5ML of capacity
  2. 1.0ML - Features a metal child-lock mouthpiece (cannot be removed post-fill) and 1.0ML of capacity.
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