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Ventana Plant Science

Ventana Plant Science Support (CalMag) (4-0-0)

Ventana Plant Science Support (CalMag) (4-0-0)

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VPS Support is a Cal-Mag and secondary macro nutrient supplement that supports plant photosynthesis and translocation! VPS's Support provides the secondary essential macronutrients necessary for vigorous plant growth and flower production. 

Why Ventana Support (CalMag)?

  • Supports plant photosynthesis and translocation!
  • Provides secondary essential macronutrients!
  • Vigorous plant growth and flower production!

General Use Rate:

5-15 mL per gallon depending on the size and species of crop.


  • Use in conjunction with VPS Grow and Flower throughout a plant's entire life cycle.
  • Never combine with other concentrates.
  • Always use in separate stock tank.
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