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VidaWool Grow Blocks & Slabs

VidaWool Grow Blocks & Slabs

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VidaWool™ starter plugs deliver superior material integrity, helping to keep young plants stable, while offering the optimized shape and room for roots to grow.

Plugs are vital in the first step of your cultivation plan. VidaWool™ starter plugs provide the stability and shape needed for optimized root growth and help you seamlessly transition to blocks. Predrilled holes (not slits) facilitate precise placement for seeds and clones, and superior handling integrity helps keep VidaWool™ starter plugs intact during the most delicate phase of plant development.

VidaWool™ performance is validated by third-party experts, to ensure your blocks perform as expected during the vital second phase of plant growth. The team of scientists and technicians behind VidaWool™ have developed these best practices for using your VidaWool™ blocks. 1. Store VidaWool™ blocks do not need to be housed in a climate-controlled environment but should be kept dry until use. Store pallets no more than two high to avoid damage. 2. Saturate and condition Saturate blocks by submerging for up to 1 minute in a nutrient solution adjusted to a pH of 5.5–6.0. As an alternative, spray with the nutrient solution until the entire block is completely saturated. Allow the blocks to drain for a couple of seconds before positioning them on your growing surface. 3. Transplant plugs Pick and place VidaWool™ starter plugs directly into the block. No added force or shaping required. 4. Let’s grow Use your desired fertigation system to deliver water and nutrients to the VidaWool™ blocks, and the HydroXtend™ water dispersion technology will distribute it throughout the root zone to grow healthy plants

Product Characteristics PARAMETER RESULTS Wettability (time required to sink) < 15 sec Water Holding Capacity 85–95% Handling Integrity (finger puncture resistance) > 10 lbf Electric Conductivity — EC < 0.1 dS/m Heavy Metals Not detectable levels* * Detection limit < 0.05 ppm Did You Know? VidaWool™ blocks are made from a minimum of 70% recycled content and are designed to efficiently hold and use water, complementing sustainable growing operations.

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