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Vital Humic

Vital Humic Hydro Bio (Plant Supplement)

Vital Humic Hydro Bio (Plant Supplement)

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Vital Humic HYDRO BIO combines the power of beneficial microorganisms, humic substances, rich organics, and fermentation - in one comprehensive supplement! It provides everything that is essential for plant vigor and immunity.

Think of it is as the ultimate compost tea, except that it is shelf stable and scalable, however, our bio-fermented and polarized formulais delivered in one dynamic and bioactive product.

Why Vital Humic HYDRO BIO?

  • Improves nutrient availability!
  • The ultimate compost tea!
  • Enhances nutrient translocation!
  • Boosts immune response!
  • Promotes brix production!
  • Improves resiliency!
  • Restricts heavy metals!
  • Builds a fertile microbiome!
  • Decreases fertilizer use/costs!


  • Direct to soil
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Irrigation lines
  • Super soil
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