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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Bolero Peas)

West Coast Seeds (Bolero Peas)

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Pairs of 8cm (3") long pods containing seven to nine peas each are borne atop bushy plants that grow to 75cm (30") tall. The fat peas are sweet and perfect for fresh eating or freezing. Bolero shelling pea seeds produce strong plants with one of the best disease tolerance packages of all, making it ideal for markets and processors.

Why West Coast Bolero Shelling Pea Seeds?

  • 5cm (3") pods contain 7-9 peas each
  • Bushy plants to 75cm (30") tall
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Matures in 68 days
  • Open pollinated seeds

High resistance to Pythium and Fusarium race 1. Bolero is not enation-resistant. For coastal gardeners that means it's a good choice for early spring planting so that it matures before the pea enation virus generally shows up in mid- to late summer.

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