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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Calypso Cilantro)

West Coast Seeds (Calypso Cilantro)

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Coriandrum sativum. While other types of cilantro have sent up their tall flower stalks and set seed, Calypso cilantro remains bushy and productive. This compact, low-growing variety comes from a British breeding program, and it's the slowest to bolt in side by side trials — resisting the urge to bolt by as many as three weeks. Its fragrance adds a distinctive flavour to broths, tacos, and countless other meals. Its low growing point allows it to regrow after multiple cuts for an extended harvest.

Latin Name Coriandrum sativum
Days to Sprout 5-10 days
Days to Maturity 50 days
Difficulty Easy
Exposure Full-sun to partial shade
Usual Seed Life 3 Years
Seed Type Open pollinated


TIPS: Cilantro is tricky because several factors can cause it to bolt. Avoid transplanting for this reason, and avoid hot conditions as well as too much moisture. It does best in light, well-drained soil in partial shade, in relatively dry conditions. This is easy to achieve beneath a cloche in winter, where cilantro will thrive. Once it blooms, the seeds ripen suddenly, in only a couple of days, so care should be taken to prevent self sowing or simply losing those useful seeds.

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