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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Empress of India Nasturtiums)

West Coast Seeds (Empress of India Nasturtiums)

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This old heirloom variety has stunning crimson flowers that rise above cascading, deep green leaves for hanging baskets or planters. Empress of India nasturtium seeds produce flowers that make a striking contrast that never fails to attract attention. This variety matures to heights of 30cm (12"). Nasturtiums are fairly tough plants and quite drought tolerant, so they make a good candidate for xeriscaping.

Why Empress of India Nasturtiums?

  • Hardy annual
  • Stunning crimson flowers
  • Great for hanging baskets
  • Grows to 30cm (12") tall
  • Edible flowers

The edible flowers produced by this nasturtium are so intensely bright red that they look amazing in salads. Save some of the fresh seeds produced by your nasturtiums for pickling. They make excellent capers. Try planting some seeds as microgreens for their powerful, peppery kick.

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