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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Glaskin’s Perpetual Rhubarb)

West Coast Seeds (Glaskin’s Perpetual Rhubarb)

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This English heirloom variety was bred for early maturity and a long harvest window. Glaskin's Perpetual Rhubarb is tart, but never bitter due to its naturally low oxalic acid content. If it's given a good early start indoors, it can be harvested (late) during the first season's growth. Some leaves should be left unharvested to encourage good root growth and a strong return the following summer.

Why Perpetual Rhubarb Seeds?

  • English heirloom
  • Matures the first year
  • Late harvest season
  • Never bitter
  • Perennial

The thick, succulent stems grow 30-35cm (12-14") long, with a primarily pink and green pigment and some red markings. This is the best rhubarb variety for harvesting later in the year. Grow it in full sun, in rich, fertile, well drained soil.

Seed Info:

  • Exposure: Full-sun
  • Matures in the first year
  • Season: Cool season
  • Seed Type: F1
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