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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (King Size Appleblossom Aster)

West Coast Seeds (King Size Appleblossom Aster)

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Callistephus chinensis. King Size Appleblossom China Asters are some of the most sensational cut flowers we know of. The large flowers are showy without being garish, and luxuriant without going over the top.

King Size Apple Blossom Aster:

  • Callistephus chinensis seeds
  • 8cm (3") wide flowers
  • Outstanding cut flowers
  • Annual

They open almost pure white and blush deep coral pink as they age. The elaborate flowers open up to 8cm (3") across, with slightly curled petals. They top stems around 102cm (40") tall and bloom all summer. Be sure to take frequent harvests of cut flowers, or at least keep the plants dead-headed to prolong and enhance the bloom time. Please follow the planting and spacing instructions closely.


Matures 105-119 days

Season Spring

Exposure: Full-sun

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