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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Mandarina Orange Balm)

West Coast Seeds (Mandarina Orange Balm)

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Melissa officinalis. This special cultivar of conventional lemon balm has been selected for its distinctive and pronounced orange scent. Mandarina Orange Balm grows with a trailing habit, so it makes a beautiful "spiller" in hanging baskets and raised garden beds.

Mandarina Orange Balm:

  • Perennial to Zone 4
  • Brew an invigorating tea
  • Use as a ground cover
  • Deer resistant
  • Plants grow vigorously

It can even be used as a ground cover, and used to cover slopes and other difficult areas. Small white flowers appear in summer that are very attractive to bees. Use the leaves as a relaxing tea. This plant grows 30-35cm (12-14"), and a little shorter in containers. It is perennial to Zone 4 and even deer resistant.

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