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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Mustard Greens Blend)

West Coast Seeds (Mustard Greens Blend)

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West Coast Seeds' famous Mustard Greens Blend is a mesclun mix of five delicious members of the mustard family. It includes mizuna, red komatsuna, Giant Red mustard, and two types of pac choi. All are mild in flavour, but easy and fast growing.

Why Mustard Greens Blend Seeds?

  • A delicious blend of easy-to-grow favourites
  • Enjoy leaves while small in salads
  • Stir-fry the larger leaves
  • Great in containers
  • Suitable for winter harvests

None of these components require warm soil to germinate, so they're great for cool season growing under a cloche or cold frame, in a greenhouse, or just on the windowsill. For full size plants, thin to 10cm (4") apart. Baby leaf greens can be harvested by individual leaves or as a cut and come again mesclun blend that will produce at least two harvests.

Seed Info:

  • Exposure: Full-sun to partial shade
  • Season: Cool-season
  • Seed Type: OP
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