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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Saladini Blend Mesclun)

West Coast Seeds (Saladini Blend Mesclun)

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Growing this gourmet mesclun blend is a fine way to sample a variety of unusual greens. Choi sum, komatsuna, mizuna, pac choi, giant red mustard, red lettuce, and spinach combine for a delicious salad. Saladini Blend mesclun seeds produce a very pleasing and attractive combination of colours and textures.

Saladini Blend Mesclun Seeds:

  • Sample this unusual variety
  • Includes 7 unique greens
  • Attractive colours
  • Pleasing combination of flavours
  • Enjoy raw in salads or briefly cooked

Scatter the seeds on the soil surface and keep moist until the little seedlings appear. This blend works just as well in patio containers as it does in the garden, and brings a range of foodie flavours that would be hard to come by if grown individually. Harvest with scissors at least twice from a single planting - cut, and come again.

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