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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Southern Giant Curled Organic Mustard)

West Coast Seeds (Southern Giant Curled Organic Mustard)

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Brassica juncea. Certified organic! Beautiful, deeply-frilled, bright-green leaves have an upright growth habit and a potent mustard flavour to liven up sandwiches. The flavour is milder in young leaves and when cooked. Thin to at least 20cm (8") if bunching large leaves. Southern Giant Curled has proved quite effective in research trials as a trap crop for flea beetles in transplanted Brassica crops.

Southern Gian Curled Organic Mustard:

  • Has a potent mustard flavour
  • Deeply-frilled, bright green leaves
  • Effective as a trap crop for flea beetles
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 45 days

This plant overwinters in coastal gardens, especially with protection. Remarkably long-lasting curled type, Southern Giant Curled Organic mustard seeds is a beloved classic known for big yields of spicy greens. The bright green leaves are tinged with yellow at harvest, and the flavor is always pungent and full-bodied, with the authentic "mustard green" bite. An AAS winner many years ago, it it still the standard for true mustard greens.


  • Exposure: Full-sun to partial shade
  • Matures in 45 days
  • Season: Cool season
  • Seed Type: OP
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