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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Sweet Dumpling Squash)

West Coast Seeds (Sweet Dumpling Squash)

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C. pepo. Sow Sweet Dumpling squash seeds for fruits with delicious, light-golden flesh and fine, sweet texture when baked. The 8-10cm (3-4"), squat fruits weigh about half a pound - just right for an individual serving... And that makes them positively ideal for stuffing and baking.

Why Sweet Dumpling Squash Seeds?

  • Delicious light-golden flesh
  • 8-10cm (3-4") squat fruits
  • Good keeper, very productive
  • Open-pollinated seeds
  • Matures in 110 days

Sweet Dumpling squash are very productive and good keepers. Shaped like small, flat topped acorn squash, but with the distinct markings of a delicata, Sweet Dumpling produces eight to ten little fruits per plant. This is one of our favourites, and has been performing well for years with great customer feedback.


  • Exposure: Full-sun
  • Matures in 110 days
  • Season: Warm season
  • Seed Type: OP
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