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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Traviata Eggplants) (Certified Organic)

West Coast Seeds (Traviata Eggplants) (Certified Organic)

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Traviata Organic eggplant seeds produce relatively large, spineless plants. The fruits are large, very dark purple, and have shiny skins and an overall appealing look.

Why West Coast Traviata Eggplant Seeds?

  • Tasty flesh beneath shiny, dark purple skins
  • Productive over long period
  • Very early, uniform fruits
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Matures in 58 days
  • Certified organic

The classic bell shaped fruits are quite abundant on each plant, and the plants keep producing over a long season. The plants are well suited to greenhouse cultivation, but will perform in the field setting too. They are even productive in patio containers, but use fertile soil and provide plenty of heat. For container growing, select pots with good drainage at least three to five gallons in size. Harvest the fruits at 15cm (6") for the best flavour.


  • Exposure Full-sun
  • Matures in 58 days
  • Season Warm season
  • Seed Type F1
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