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West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds (Windsor Beans)

West Coast Seeds (Windsor Beans)

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These wonderful large beans mature in 75-85 days when sown in the spring, or 6 months if fall sown. The plants grow 90-120cm (3-4') tall. The light green pods, which contain 6-7 large pale green seeds each, shell easily. Windsor broad bean seeds are superb for family gardens and easy for small children to handle. Broad Windsor is intended for growing as a food crop. The seeds it produces are large and succulent. This large variety will fix nitrogen in your soil, so it’s perfect for planting in the fall, harvesting in the spring, and following with nitrogen loving crops like Brassicas, lettuce, or spinach. Fresh or dried, broad beans must be cooked before eating in order to rid them of potentially toxic alkaloids. The young, tender leaves can be eaten raw, or cooked like spinach. Broad beans are one of the world’s most ancient and widespread food crops.

Latin Name Vicia faba
Days to Sprout 10-14 days
Days to Maturity 75-80 days (or 6 months if fall sown)
Difficulty Easy
Exposure Full-sun
Germination Rate 75%
Usual Seed Life 2-3 Years
Seed Type Open Pollinated 

TIPS: If black aphids appear in May/June, pinch off the growing tips on which the aphids feed. Spray with blasts of water to dislodge the aphids.

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