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Wind King

Wind King 85 Litre Dehumidifier (Special Order)

Wind King 85 Litre Dehumidifier (Special Order)

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“The key is prevention – keep your humidity low during flower to stop infections because once powdery mildew or mold has a foothold it’s impossible to eliminate it entirely.”

You’re a grower that’s…growing! As your operation gets bigger, you don’t realize the new issues that pop up. “When I started out, the humidity wasn’t a huge problem – once I got past about eight grow lights I started having moisture issues.”

Most plants don’t grow well in an environment that’s too humid as it leads to variable plant issues that can destroy your crop.

You need a dehumidifier that:

  • Won’t get overworked and burn out early
  • Helps prevent moisture problems in your grow room
  • Doesn’t break your budget

The WindKing Dehumidifier can pull up to 180 pints/day of moisture and can work day and night to manage your grow room humidity.

Some dehumidifiers have an internal reservoir that needs to be emptied often. The WindKing Dehumidifier comes with an automatic water drainage pump and 20 ft. of drainage hose, saving you time and labor so you can focus on what matters – the grow.

Keep your room running at optimal humidity to control pests, mildew, and mold.

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