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Wind King

WindKing Industrial Floor Fans

WindKing Industrial Floor Fans

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You’re trying to manage CO2, heat, and humidity in your grow room. You’re indoors, so the air doesn’t move and gets stagnant. Heat rises, so you have warm and cold spots all over your room.

How are you supposed to manage all of these factors when stagnant air is creating such an unstable environment? How can you mimic the outside world where air flows freely?

You need an industrial floor fan that:

  • Can run day-after-day without burning out your motor.
  • Pushes a large amount of air with variable speeds to customize your grow room airflow.
  • 3 different sizes to fit it in the space you have available.

The Wind King Industrial Floor Fan is exactly what it sounds like: a floor fan that pushes air from the ground up or to ventilate plants that are on the floor.

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